Data Management


Our data related services include data conversion, database management and curating and all related activities which improve our clients’ access to their own data or publicly available sources. We help companies scan and convert documents and data into structured information. We identify new data sources and build new databases from scratch or maintain existing ones. Crawling, consolidating, aggregating, structuring, converting, reformatting, de-duplicating are core competences in the field.

The process:

    search_plus_green 1. Data Harvesting – Tell us what is the data you need or the data you have. We will locate it, prepare it for integration and will integrate it into your database. We will identify the sources, we will harvest the content, we will clean it, we will ensure it is updated.



accept-database 2. Database Building – Need corporate fundamental data structured from a pdf into a financial database? Or you have a lot of content which needs to be read, classified and the data extracted from it? Or perhaps you need an updated database of sanctioned people, lists or public figures and associates? Avax will build your database from scratch and will help you keep it clean and updated.



database3. Database Indexing & Mapping – Avax offers data indexing and database mapping services which can be beneficial in a variety of use cases. Perhaps you have several datasets and you want to combine them? We can help you. Or you need to check your clients’ lists and ensure that there are no false positives? We will look up each and every record to verify your possible matches and help you reduce the noise. Or, you just need somebody to help you sort out and filter the data? We can do that.



Our competences:

  • Automation Technologies
  • Excel
  • Internet Research Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Multilingual Workforce
  • Attention to Detail
  • Quality Assurance Processes