Subject Research Capabilities

Media & Reputation Management
Source lists generation
Journalist / Authors database
Database of publishers
Source crawling
Source management
Source licensing
Monitoring & Alerting
Abstracting & Summarization
Classification tagging
Sentiment indexing
Search building
Defining influencers & approach
Media Relations consultancy
Reputational Analytics
Reputation Management
Stakeholder Relationship Management
Build, keep and maintain databases of clients, suppliers, partners, media, influencers etc.
Monitor for key KPIs, changes
Build lists of prospects M&A Monitoring
Detailed profiling to help negotiations or influencing
Bankruptcy alerts
Fraudulent behavior alerts
Maintain contextual relationships
Business & People intelligence; motivation
Stakeholder mapping
Forecast pricing/factors
Early warning/ predictions
Risk & Compliance Management
Database and Lists building and enriching - sanctioned lists, publicly exposed persons, associates, state-owned entities, criminals lists etc.
Source discovery, screening
Database matching
False positives remediation
On-demand Risk & Compliance Research
Vendor/Customer Screening
Investigations of subjects and relationships
Due Diligence Reports
Forensic Data Analytics
AML and FCPA investigations
Support client’s procedures, processes and practices for conducting due diligence in connection with onboarding and monitoring employees, customers, partners and vendors, potential acquisitions or investments and management teams