Our strengths

Your project: top-quality and successful. Guaranteed.


The team has proven experience in setting up and growing similar successful companies in Bulgaria and in Kosovo. Now we are taking advantage of the great potential of Kosovo's workforce and economy to penetrate the global outsourcing maket and outperform all other suppliers.

Multilingual capacity

Our people are well-trained data analysts, with fluent English and at least one other language. Currently we cover German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Arabic. We have access to a pool of native speakers of Japanese and Chinese and are planning on adding more Nordic and Baltic langauges. We need less than three weeks to double our linguistic capacity.


Our processes ensure top quality delivery and fast turnaround time. We set best practices and constantly optimize.

We work with your benefit in mind first.


We have the room, the capability and a database of pre-selected candidates to allow us to grow by 50+ people a month and cover any client requirement. We are also adaptive to your needs and proactively seeking to change our approach or processes.

Management Team

Our diverse and experienced management team is reputable and trustworthy. We have extensive experience and a proven track record of success serving multinationals. Our leaders know how to place the customers needs first and how to motivate our experts to do the same in their regular daily work.

Business Development

We are transparent, open to change and knowledge sharing. To help our clients optimize their offerings or shared processes we constantly strive to innovate and optimize. We can also help you access relevant grants or tenders and support your business development with enabling solutions - innovations, funding, plans, technologies or ideas.

We are in Kosovo – a favorable “rising star” outsourcing destination

Competitively priced skilled labour

We provide high value, top quality and great productivity at a fraction of the costs that you would have in any other European country. We thus offer the highest value for money you would get vs any other European country.

Ethics & Culture

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe with an increasing availability of highly skilled workers, most of whom have training and experience from abroad, ensuring similar work culture to Western countries, but also perfect, nearly native language proficiency.


Located in the heart of the Balkans, Kosovo serves as a connecting bridge between the South Eastern European countries, as well as between SEE and Western Europe. Avax office is only a few hours apart from any major European destination and is capable of serving North American or EMEA customers within the regular working hours.