Acquiring knowledge from meaningful data, we deliver data management, descriptive and predictive analytics and support businesses, policy makers and NGOs globally.


To become the most important provider of services in the knowledge economy of Kosovo for the benefit of our customers, partners, employees and society.

Our Values

We value integrity and we are consistent in our daily approach to customers, partners and employees. We are:
  • flexible and supportive - we are capable of withstanding stress and can undergo any changes or modifications of our processes, schedule or organization to adapt to changing customer requirements and needs
  • proactive - we value action and result oriented behavior. We are forward-thinking. We don't wait for things to happen and adjust to them. Instead we constantly look for and exploit opportunities and take preemptory actions against potential problems and threats. We belive that we don't only have the initiative, but also the responsibility to make things happen.
  • knowledge-driven - We believe in a systematic approach to help information and knowledge emerge and flow to the right people at the right time to create value. Open communication and knowledge sharing are crucial for establishing trust and developing our employees, our clients and our partners. We value competence.
  • aiming for excellence - Our work and deliverables greatly surpass ordinary standards and standard performance. We work to constantly exceed customer expectations and we believe in continuous improvement. We cannot tolerate mediocrity. We demand this from our employees and suppliers and we promise this to our clients. We are passionate about data matters.
  • innovative - Innovation is perpetual and a strength in a knowledge-driven economy. We value entrapreneurship and intrapreneurship. We are brave to invest in fresh ideas that create value in processes, products, organizations or the society in general. We like being smarter than our competitors.