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Our DATA related services include data conversion, database management and curating and all related activities which improve our clients’ access to their own data or publicly available sources. We help companies scan and convert documents and data into structured information. We identify new data sources and build new databases from scratch or maintain existing ones. Crawling, consolidating, aggregating, structuring, converting, reformatting, de-duplicating are core competences in the field


Our INFORMATION services help clients understand their data. Services include abstracting and summarization of news or data counting, reviewing and linking various datasources, producing reviews, profiles or reports. While DATA services aim to organize and structure existing sources, the INFORMATION services explore and build the links and connect the dots. This is also known as ”DESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS”


This area provides our clients with actionable insights, allowing them to execute and integrate our expertise and analytical results across the enterprise, and builds the capabilities and infrastructure to “operationalize analytics”. We help clients become proactive and innovative. They learn, anticipate and initiate changes in their organization or domain. We bring the competitive advantage of the highest degree of intelligence


We have several areas of focus to help you innovate. Those who use our KPO services directly benefit from all technologies and process innovations that we put in place and share for better performance and compliance. We also provide innovation consultancy: from policy making, through business organization to process development for the delivery of innovative solutions. Support is offered also in finding suitable knowledge partners, smart money or VC investors and in preparing project proposals for EU grant funding opportunities.

We offer professional services to meet a variety of needs across the board - media & reputation influencers, stakeholder analytics & business intelligence, risk & compliance management.

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AVAX overview
We are the leading KPO provider in Kosovo

Our team of multilingual, cross-industry experts, has extensive experience in providing content management and analytical solutions, ensuring you win vast benefits for your business strategy and operational excellence. We provide three major types of KPO services: Data management, Descriptive analytics, Predictive analytics. For you we will securely capture, manage, retain and deliver relevant high-quality verified content to ensure timely access to meaningful information when and where needed. We provide the foundation and insights by analysing collected information. We act as the "rear-view" mirror to explain the WHATs and WHYs in each situation.

  • Youngest Europeans

    70% of the Kosovo population is under the age of 35.

  • Workforce Availability & Low cost pressure

    30% is the unemployment rate in Kosovo for 2013

  • Lowest Attrition Rates

    Not a single employee has left the company since its establishment

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    All our customers and projects are recurring.

We process documents, structured and unstructured content.

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